While this may not be our most current agreement, this is a good sample of what is expected and what you will sign/abide by when renting from Hocking Lodging Company. We take great pride in providing the cleanest, coziest, & most unique experience in the Hocking Hills area. And to do that consistently, it takes effort from our guests to take care of our properties just the same as we do. Treat us like your second home. We'll treat you like family. You'll be glad you stayed here.


Signature Here__________________________________

Name of Lodge__________________________________

Dates of Stay____________________________________



Our office is available from 9:00am to 7:00pm seven days a week. 614.352.9495 (Jobie).

We are available after-hours for emergencies only (plumbing and heating/cooling issues) by calling 614.226.2757 (Nathan).



You must prove to be at least 28 years old to rent Hidden Lake Lodge, Aspen Hollow Lodge, and Dogwood Manor.

You must prove to be at least 25 years old to rent Black Bear Hideaway. 



For direct reservations, a 50% deposit by check, visa, mastercard, or discover is required to confirm. 

The remaining 50% balance is due 30 days prior to your stay. 

An active credit card is required at the time of reservation which will be kept on file for any damages/excessive clean up and/or failure to follow signed leasing agreement.

Rentals may be required to pay a security deposit by check ($500-$1500) one month prior to arrival. 

Provided our leasing agreement has been explicitly followed, this will be refunded one week after your stay.

If your arrival is within 30 days of booking, the full amount + security deposit will be due when making your reservation.


If you cancel prior to 30 days of reservation date, we will be happy to refund any fees that have been collected for your stay, less a $100 administration/booking charge.

If cancellation occurs within 30 days prior to your arrival, then 50% of the rental fee paid at the time of reservation is non-refundable.

SERVICE FEE/RESERVATIONS ONLINE: The 2-6% service fee associated with your direct booking is not affiliated with us, Hocking Lodging Company. It is a direct charge from ReservationsOnline, our software hosting platform. Reminder: when you click the pop up window at time of online booking, you state that you understand that if you cancel within 20 days of making your initial reservation, you will receive this money back. If you cancel after the 20 day window and any time before your check in, you will NOT receive those separate funds back. These funds are in addition to our $100 administration/booking charge and we can not dispute those funds for you.



It is the renter's responsibility to know their obligations when booking with third party outside travel agencies (OTAs). The rest of this document is pertinent for you to understand, sign, and return.



There is a 2-night minimum stay requirement for rentals. A 3-night minimum stay may apply on specific dates and/or holidays. Check-ins may not be permitted on the actual day of the holiday.

The following dates are subject to peak season rental rates & may require a 3-night minimum. Presidents’ Day, Summer season, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years Eve/Day.



Only 1 discount/special may be applied to a cabin rental. Discounts/specials may not be combined.

No refunds will be given due to weather conditions/early departures.

Our parking area surrounding the lodges can accommodate approximately 8 vehicles. Carpool when possible.

We recommend 4-wheel drive.

Your unit will be inspected & maintained prior to your arrival. We do not issue refunds in the event of mechanical failures, power outages, absence/unexpected unavailability of usage of any items, hot tub issues, nor for any utility problems.

No student groups, house parties, or receptions are allowed at any of the units. If guests are found to be having a party, they will be asked to vacate the unit and no refund will be given. No unauthorized guests/day visitors may visit.

Maximum occupancy: 18 guests at Hidden Lake Lodge & Aspen Hollow Lodge, 20 at Dogwood Manor, and 14 at Black Bear Hideaway.



Pets are not permitted in or around Hidden Lake Lodge, Aspen Hollow Lodge, or Dogwood Manor. Discovery of an unauthorized pet will result in a $200 fine.

Small dogs under 40 lbs are permitted at Black Bear Hideaway for a fee of $15/night. Please inform HLC of details regarding pets at the time of booking. 

Renter is responsible for cleaning up after the dog(s) both inside and around the lodge. Additional clean up charges will result for failure to clean up after your pet.



ABSOLUTELY NO FIREWORKS AND/OR FIREARMS SHALL BE SET OFF OR DISCHARGED ON THE PROPERTIES. We are near State Parks, largely wooded areas, and physically are log cabin rentals. If evidence of fireworks and firearm usage are found, it will result in a $300 fine. 

If any damage to the structure or the surrounding area is evident, you will be subject to additional fines &/or legal action.



Smoking/vaping is NOT PERMITTED at any of our properties or inside or around/on any wooden decking/porch areas. Discovery/evidence of smoking/vaping in these areas will result in a $300 fine charged to your credit card or taken out of security deposit. Please be sure each guest understands this policy. 

Guests are welcome to smoke around the fire pit areas off site, but not anywhere on or near the decking/lodges.

Cigarette/cigar butts found around property will result in additional cleaning charges.



While Hidden Lake Lodge sits on 30 acres, Aspen Hollow Lodge is on 12 acres, Dogwood Manor is on 6 acres, and Black Bear Hideaway is on over 4 acres, you may still encounter neighbors at each lodge. Please keep this information in mind when celebrating and enjoying your stays. You may receive a courtesy phone call if noise is an issue for nearby homeowners or other vacationers. Please be respectful of them, and keep noise levels to a minimum so that we are not affecting someone else’s lifestyle. We ask that you bring any excessive celebrating/noise indoors by 10pm.



The owners are not responsible for any accidents, events, injuries, or illness that occurs while on the premises or facilities. By accepting a reservation, it is agreed that all guests are expressly assuming the risk of any harm arising from their use of the premises or others whom they invite to use the premises. 

You hereby agree to indemnify, defend, and hold The Hocking Lodging Company, the property owner, and any affiliated party harmless from any and all claims, demands, costs, liabilities, losses, expenses and damages (including reasonable attorneys' fees, costs, and expert witnesses' fees) arising out your use of the property, or any use of the property by your guests.



Cabins may not have reliable cell service and may not have wifi. We may have a landline provided in such rentals. If there is a landline provided, local and emergency service would be available. Incoming calls may be received. 

Equipment failures and problems with the unit must be reported immediately (ie: no heat/A/C, no water, etc.). Other equipment failures such as hot tubs, gas fireplace, TV, etc. should also be brought to our attention. Repairs will be made as quickly as possible. Please call 614.226.2757 if problems are discovered.



Hidden Lake Lodge, Black Bear Hideaway, & Dogwood Manor have charcoal grills. 

Bring your charcoal, lighters, matches, and lighter fluid. 

Aspen Hollow Lodge and Dogwood Manor have propane grills. 

Should propane run out during your stay, you may be asked to replace propane at a nearby convenience store and we will reimburse your receipt. Text a copy of the paid receipt for the replacement to 614.352.9495.

CLEAN THE GRILL AFTER EACH USE. Ash cans/supplies are provided. Additional clean up charges will be charged for failure to leave the grill clean after your use.



Bed linens + one bath towel/guest are provided. 

Extra towels for hair/hot tub/hiking/lake usage are not provided. Bring extra towels if desired.

We provide a limited supply of trash bags, paper towels, bathroom tissue, dish soap, dish detergent, and hand soap. 

Basic kitchen utensils, salt/pepper, herbs & spices, coffee filters, dishes, pots, & pans are all provided. 

Have a question if something is provided/available? Please text/email/call us any time for clarification. 614.352.9495



Anything you would like to eat or drink. 

Condiments, napkins, paper plates, etc., if desired. 

Foil/saran wrap, take-home containers, and/or ziploc bags for leftovers.

Personal toiletry items (bug spray, shampoo, conditioner, bath soap, razors, toothpaste, toothbrush, hairbrush, clothing iron, etc.)

2 pillows are provided for each guest. Feel free to bring personal pillows for added comfort. 

Extra towels for hair and old beach towels for hiking and hot tub usage.

Wood (purchased within Hocking County), lighters/matches/newspaper, fire starter for the fireplace/fire pit. 



Insects/diseases travel in wood & can bring significant damage to our state forest, therefore visitors are not permitted to bring in wood from home. You are only to purchase wood in Hocking County. 

There are many roadside stands, convenience stores, grocery stores, etc. in the area that have cut bundles of wood for purchase ranging anywhere from $5-$10 per bundle.

Indoor wood burning fireplaces are not to be used April through September. 

At no time may you cut wood on the premises.



Boundary line information/map of property is posted inside ALL of the lodges. Use this as a general guideline. Hidden Lake Lodge is situated on the northern side and corner of 30 acres of undeveloped/forested land, but we do abut 8 other properties. Pay close attention to the boundary lines when you visit HLL.

We keep a couple of kayaks under the small, 2-person dock for your enjoyment on our side of the lake. Use at your own risk and bring life jackets if you plan on using them and enter at your own risk.

There is a cable that goes through the middle of the water also helping to denote the boundaries. DO NOT TRESPASS. Do not visit the other side of the lake or dam area. We will hear from our neighbor and you will get a visit from us. Thank you for your serious attention. 



Check-in times begin after 4pm and check out time is by 10:30am on date of departure.

We cannot accommodate early check-in and/or late check-out times. 

Do NOT attempt to enter a lodge early if cleaning/maintenance crews are still working. 

Be respectful of these times noted. If you have a delay in checking out with our cleaning/maintenance crews waiting, you may be charged a $200 fine/hour ($50 for each 15 minute increment) for delay as we are doing our best to prepare for our next guests in the short time provided.

Please limit occupancy to what is posted on individual cabin descriptions/occupancy.

Additional guests: If additional people beyond each lodge’s maximum are discovered, our occupancy rates apply and you will be charged per person/night or the entire party will be asked to leave with no refunds. 

Only those registered members of your party are permitted access during your stay. 

Absolutely NO day visitors without prior approval.

View the check-in/check-out instructions email which you will have received 30 days prior to your stay for full understanding of what is required when vacating the premises. Strip the beds, empty the refrigerator(s), leave the kitchen clean, start the dishwasher(s), and lock all windows and doors. Set thermostat(s) as requested on check out documents. 

If the condition of the facility is not left in appropriate shape, or is not vacated at the designated check out time, and it causes loss of revenue, loss of revenue charges will be added to your credit card and/or you will forfeit security deposit.

FORGET SOMETHING?: We will ship out to you for cost to ship + $10 convenience charge.

We ask that keys be returned to the lockbox at check-out.

Lost keys are subject to a $200.00 replacement charge



You will automatically be fined $300.00 for any bodily fluids that need to be cleaned. This includes vomit, urine, blood, etc. Additional costs may occur if damage/stains are not repairable.



Please do not leave loose trash in/around the outdoor receptacles or any remaining inside the lodge(s) or you will face a $200.00 clean-up charge. 

Trash must be neatly tied & placed in outdoor receptacles. By the conclusion of your stay it must be removed as follows:

Hidden Lake Lodge: garbage must be removed from provided bins and deposited in the dumpster near the entrance to the driveway. Nothing remaining indoors. Nothing remaining in outdoor receptacles. The $200 clean up fee will be applied to card/deposit if any garbage remains on site; outside or inside.

Aspen Hollow Lodge: garbage must be removed from bins and deposited in the dumpster at the base of the driveway at the conclusion of your stay. Nothing remaining indoors. Nothing remaining in outdoor receptacles. The $200 clean up fee will be applied to card/deposit if any garbage remains on site: outside or inside.

Dogwood Manor: garbage must be removed from bins and deposited in the dumpster by the entrance to the driveway. Nothing remaining indoors. Nothing remaining in outdoor receptacles. The $200 clean up fee will be applied to card/deposit if any garbage remains on site; outside or inside.

Black Bear Hideaway: garbage must be neatly tied and placed in the bins on the driveway with NO loose garbage left out. Nothing remaining indoors. The $200 clean up fee will be applied to the card/deposit if any garbage remains on site: outside or inside.



While we routinely treat our cabins, we are in the middle of the woods and it is likely that you will encounter insects, spiders, or critters during your stay. Many critters live in the woods. Do not approach or feed wildlife, leave food on decks or porches, or leave garbage out as it may invite unwanted guests. We will not refund your reservation if you encounter this.



We will not issue any refunds for hot tub failures or for the rare instances of inability to use during your stay.

Hot tubs should not be used at temperatures greater than 104.

Our hot tubs are routinely changed & continuously sanitized. Hot tubs left excessively dirty may be subject to a $200 clean-up.

Hot tub covers must remain on the hot tubs when not in use. 

Guests that are staying 3 or more nights may be contacted to have a staff member check their hot tub chemicals. 

Do not sit on hot tub covers. This can break and damage the lid. 

Damage to hot tub covers will result in a $400.00 replacement fee or exact cost of cover. 

Use of the hot tub(s) is entirely at the risk of all guests. Please note that the hot tubs are balanced and chemically sound (but may not warmed up fully) at the time of your check-in, and any issues arising from a result of hot tub use is solely the renter’s responsibility. Enter at your own risk.


Please plan accordingly by bringing disposable cups and/or cans. If evidence of glass is found in/around the hot tubs, it will result in a $200 clean-up charge. 



In the event of damages or extra cleaning requirements created by guests not covered above, additional charges may be applied to the security deposit and/or credit card on file with our office.


This Agreement shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the State of Ohio. Any action brought by either party against the other concerning the transactions contemplated by this Agreement shall be brought only in Hocking County, Ohio.



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